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How Do We Storytell Through Imagery?

A photo tells a thousand words. When we think about a photo our mind quickly sums up all of its parts in under a split second. Our brain interprets the location, scenery, props, expression while encapsulating this into a story line. Perhaps, someone just sat down at their desk to begin writing a long research paper for school. Yet the scene tells us, she’s modern, young, loves nature and has a cheery demeanor. These are the types of story lines that run through our minds when planning a shoot or being out on location.




Marketing or Creative? Who Goes First?

When developing content for social media, we start with the promotions and captions first. Occasionally, we have a photo that speaks so loud and clear we craft messaging around the creative. Working in a flexible manner allows for new ideas to flow from the creative or the marketing department. We allow for a symbiotic relationship whenever possible.


How Do We Create Seasonal Content?

When shooting content we ideally plan out our calendar 3 weeks prior to the post date. This allows us to capture seasonal goodies, like a bed of yellow newly fallen, Ginko Biloba leaves.


Art Direction + Photography by: Haley Titus