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We agree, brand positioning, thoughtful marketing, wonderful photography, and innovative design can certain lead and speak volumes for your business. But what about the customer journey?

How was their experience searching for you online? Could they reserve online? How was parking? How are they greeted? How do they feel when they look at the variety of price points? Does the menu design and lay out back up up those price points? How are similar items priced in the industry? Are your prices a few dollars off causing customers to head elsewhere for their next bite or stay? What do they tell their friends upon their return? What exactly is being said about your business right now? Why aren’t people coming through the door as often? What’s the narrative around your business in the community? What decisions need to be made to get things back on track?

We can help pinpoint that story, giving you the ability to further refine and craft the experience to its’ peak state. We partner with you to find, highlight, and assist in uncovering those key pieces that are currently hurting your bottomline.

Restaurants, Boutiques, Fitness Studios, and Hotels are judged on the same basis as any other large scale business. We are passionate about taking our experiences from working in corporate environments and pass these processes onto help mold and shape small businesses. We want to implement the small details into your hospitality experience that can set you apart. We come in and do a survey of the property, space, rooms, seating, parking, to see where we can up level and refine. You’ll receive a comprehensive list of improvements and notes. You can choose to implement them yourself or have us stay on as a guide to making sure they get done.

We are passionate about developing and refining your experiential processes to create an outstanding visit for your guests. Have 15 minutes? Let’s chat.