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Developing a thorough planning document prior to a shoot is essential to facilitating and delivering a fun and unique day. Here is the process we’ve developed to make it happen…

01. Mood-board

After discussing with you the needs of your business we will create a mood-board to help guide our shoot. This will spark our ideas about lighting, location, models, time of day, props and editing style.

02. Planning + Shot List

After the mood-board has been approved we start planning our day. You’ll receive an itinerary with a shot list paired, props, models with locations. We’ll schedule out the day with times slot to go with each model, outfit and activity to keep our schedule running smoothly.

03. Shoot

We arrive bright and early with our gear, team, props and schedule sheets. We like to keep our productions light hearted and fun. Depending on the size of your production; we can potentially have hair, makeup, wardrobe, director of production, stylist and second camera man/women.

04. Delivery

After the shoot, we take home the images do a first round of editing. From there, we deliver an online gallery, via Pixieset for review. You can pick your favorites with the internal starring system. Depending on how many image licenses you’ve purchased. You can leave comments if you’d like some heavy editing done. From there, we will do one last check and release the images to you for marketing purposes.

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