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Rubicon Studio is a group of creatives who drive results by developing concepts that lay off the beaten path. With collective expertise in digital marketing strategy, and photography/ videography, we come together with a strategic, yet artistic, approach to storytelling.


Our campaigns are designed to be unique & memorable. They are built to trickle down through email, social, video and paid advertising.


Haley Titus

Haley Titus is a Sacramento-based multi-hyphenate immersed in all things design and digital marketing strategy. With an eye for color, balance, and a polished aesthetic, she is the design mind behind many retail brands, products, websites, and blogs. While the project-oriented designer is never bored, she always finds time to create content for her own style blog, Colour Me Classic. She thrives on collaboration, innovation, and establishing a brand’s competitive advantage. She holds a bachelor of arts in Graphic Design from California State University, Chico. When Haley’s not developing her next big creative idea, logo, or shoot, you can find her painting in her studio, usually while vibing out and singing along to some music she most definitely does not know the words to. Watch out, she’s also a killer wakeboarder.


We plan ahead

We attend to the details so you don’t have to

We take the work seriously, but know how to have a good laugh


We are passionate about creating content that inspires and educates people into thoughtful action.

We believe in telling stories through the physical environment.

We deliver creative that has a fresh perspective.


When you look at the top of our logo, you’ll notice a series of mountains peaks, much like the Rubicon trail in Tahoe, CA. We chose the name as it alludes to the series of twists, turns, and bumps we experience along our journey. We believe the trials we go through, make us refined—diamond hard. For us, that’s what the climb up the mountain is about.



Evelyn Bigelyaizen

Evelyn is a content strategist, copywriter, and editor who loves helping brands and people connect. She specializes in digital marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships. With over 12 years of experience working in direct-to-consumer industries, she thrives on delighting customers and providing exceptional hospitality. Evelyn’s process-oriented approach to tackling projects stems from her journalism experience and her years at UC Davis earning a BA in English Literature & Critical Theory.

But most importantly, Evelyn is food-obsessed! She grew up in a Ukrainian-Jewish household sharing multicultural meals around the table with her family. From a young age she was fascinated by food’s universal ability to bring people together. When Evelyn isn’t strategizing her next email campaign, she’s learning about different cultures through food.


Sarah Akiyama

Sarah is an enthusiastic, ray of light who comes from the world of lifestyle and travel photography. She knows a thing or two about social content creation and retail strategy. She is always up for a challenge, doesn’t shy from a techy question and loves to problem solve on her feet. She’s inspired by new spaces, artisans and episodes of the Office. If she were to move anywhere in the world, it would be Amsterdam for it’s special charm.



Aaron Yabes

Aaron is a natural story teller with an impeccable eye for authenticity. He’s always looking for that key sentence that can unlock the story of your business.


Andrew Filip

Andrew Filip is a Digital Product Designer based in Rocklin, California. Over the years he has had the privilege of creating, designing & developing with Droplr, Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Niello & Fueled to name a few. 😉 Andrew is also a Designer and Creative Director on the award-winning and one the the best-selling photo editing apps on the iOS App Store, Afterlight. He also has over 15 years of development experience with modern web technologies like Javascript, Vue, React, and many more.

Now that you've met the crew...