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We are a Branding & Photography Studio based in Sacramento, California.

We Specialize in Helping Hospitality, Wellness, & Lifestyle Brands Stand Out in the Market through Digital Storytelling. 


Brand Identity



Social Media Consulting

Email Marketing

Branded Interiors


Our newly renovated spa was in need of imagery that conveyed our treatments as wellness experiences, not just services. Working with Rubicon allowed us to develop lifestyle photography that works across all our digital channels including social and email campaigns, giving us a fresh edge above our hotel competitors that are currently using stock style visuals for their branding.


I highly recommend hiring Rubicon to anyone wanting to add an artistic yet futuristic, vision to their brand.


Through photography and art, Rubicon was able to create and communicate my brand identity perfectly. They were able to my pinpoint my brand and style by using their creative intuition combine with the ability to see the bigger vision.